Sports Activities


Sports Activities

Judo for kids, Karate for kids, Gymnastic, Yoga or any Sport for Children is a main part of development. Our Sport programs for Kids (Judo, Karate , Sport Games for younger children ) directed to build  in your child self confidence,  quick reaction and physical strength. We are located in South part of Brooklyn and compare to local sport programs, we are newest , cleanest   and most professional environment.

We are offering sport activities for all ages: Martial Art Classes for kids  5-10 y.o ( Judo, Karate ) , Yoga for kids and  Pre- Judo Class for 3-5 y.o.)


Judo translates in to “The Gentle Way”. The background



of this disciplined art began with Jiguro Kano which developed the martial art sport in 1881 and it has been practiced ever since. The main focus is primarily practicing throwing techniques ( known as “nage-waza”). Judo professionals will utilize balance, counter-balance, and their opens own abilities to carry out sometimes overwhelming throws.


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