Toddlers classes

Mommy & Me for 1-2 y.o, Brain Train for 2-3 y.o. and School prep for 3-5 y.o.

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Summer 2018

Summer Programs: Art, Mosaic, Wavering, Sculpture, T-shirt Design, Vocal

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Studio Art

Art for all ages: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Collage, Tests Prep.

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Art Education, Personal Development, Tutoring, and Test Preparation


We are preparing for G&T, Mark Twain / Bay Academy Special Talents / Art, Science, Vocal, Guitar / , State Tests,  SHSAT, High School and College Art Portfolio.

Brighton Kids Club is an Educational Center for children and adults offering a range of programs for all ages: Art for kids & adults, Tutoring, Test preparation, Creative Writing, Drama, Russian, and Sports / Judo, Karate, Chess, Rhythmic Gymnastics /

Education through Art programs are available for ages 1 y.o. and up. Mommy & Me, Brain Train, Drama, Music, Dance, Sports. All programs are designed to build basic skills for lifelong learning which can be applied to future careers and occupations. We strive for our students to enjoy learning, expand their creativity, increase their focus and concentration, and the ability to complete any project at hand.

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  • Art class


We offer group and individual tutoring for admission & school exams.

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