Art Talent Test Prep


100% Successful preparation for Mark Twain / Bay Academy Intermediate School Art Talent Test  

  • Still life / composition, proportion, shapes and shading skills
  • Scene / interactive human figures, perspective law, interior and exterior.
  • Comparing two artworks / Recognition of art objects, stile, techniques using artistic knowledge and terminology      

Our classes will

help students to be fully prepared to draw a still life of 7 and more objects holding proportions, correctly placing a whole composition on page, and forming 3D objects using pencil. We are teaching to draw an imaginary scene using colored pencils. Understanding and practicing drawing interactive figures with interior or exterior backgrounds using perspective, texture and representing a given theme.





We are giving lectures on art history and practicing comparing artworks. The essay is 1/3 of the test, in one paragraph students have to demonstrate deep familiarity with world art, different styles, and techniques.

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