Art Talent Test Prep

 Yes, we are preparing for Mark Twain/Bay Academy Art Talent test!

Combination of life and Online courses !

Even though the DOE did not make any announcements regarding dates and settings for this year’s Mark Twain / Bay Academy Special Talents admission test, it is time to start preparing. With our years of experience in tests preparation, we know for sure: the competition rate is rising each year, and require high level of skills and knowledge, which cannot be gained “overnight”, even within a month. The earlier you will start preparing your kid for the test – the more confident and self-sure child will be. High stress and timeframes during the test could play a crucial effect on test performance. It takes time to build those skills.

We will be keeping you posted about upcoming information about tests.

Our course included :

  • Free Online pre-assessment test 
  • Virtual and life tours to museums
  • Art history for essay readiness
  • Step by step training for still life and scene
    Still life

    Still life

    Still life / composition, proportion, shapes and shading skills (to be competed in 30 min)

  •    Scene / interactive human figures, perspective law, interior and exterior(to be competed in 30 min)School scene
  • Comparing two artworks / Recognition of art objects, style, techniques using artistic knowledge and terminology (to be competed in 20 min)

We are giving lectures on art history and practicing comparing artworks. The essay is 1/3 of the test, in one paragraph students have to demonstrate deep familiarity with world art, different styles, techniques, genre, composition etc.

Monet Water lily


Still life

Our classes will help students to be fully prepared to draw a still life of 7 and more objects holding proportions, correctly placing a whole composition on page, and forming 3D objects using pencil. We are teaching how to draw an imaginary scene using colored pencils. Understanding and practicing drawing interactive figures with interior or exterior backgrounds using perspective, texture and representing a given theme. Online course Registration is required for class attendance.

painting with scissors

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