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Creative Writing at Brighton Kids Club!

Come join the Brighton Kids Club’s Creative Writing Class! This class offers an introduction to various writing genres such as fiction, poetry, narratives, descriptive writing, biographies, folktale, lyrics, and newsprint. Creative writing is not only fun, it is an important life skill that children should develop early on in order to apply it in school, communication, and self-expression while broadening their imaginative flair via productive writing techniques. The class incorporates art along with student imagination to create works such as: pop-up books, acrostic poems, brochures, colored autobiographies, and much more! Practicing writing outside of school will help students develop a deeper understanding and practical use of common-day grammar, syntax, and use of language. The class also introduces students to works by famous authors such as: William Sydney Porter, Edgar Allen Poe, Shel Silverstein, Mark Twain, and Ernest Hemingway. Reading is a gateway to broadening an individual’s imagination. Not only will students improve their reading, they will become emerged in a world of unlimited possibilities using their words as a means of expression.

Come join us in the Brighton Kids Club’s Creative Writing Class and let your child delve into a world of unlimited written possibilities!



Tuesdays from 6-7pm for 1st and 2nd graders,

Wednesdays  from 5-6pm for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

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