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Brighton Kids Club is happy to announce a new project series, “Science through the Art”, as part of our ongoing Art Education Program.

In this series, kids will develop their knowledge in Astronomy, Earth Science, Biology and Physics through the Art.

Current  project, “Universe” is meant to expand your child’s


knowledge about our solar system, planets and the universe.  Kids will be encouraged to use their creativity and imagination to explore and master their art making skills.  Combining scientific facts about the universe and using various art techniques and materials, the kids will create their own imaginary planets, galaxies and civilizations.

This new exciting journey begins on January 17th and will continue every Saturday from 2:30 to 4 pm for the next 23 weeks and crowned   with “Parade of Planets “show on July 20th 2015.

Our previous Ancient Egypt  Project Art_Show_9_w

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