Summer Art & Drama Program

Art is FUN! Don’t believe it? Let your child to dive into the┬ámagical world of visual and performing arts!

Join us every day from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM this Summer!

It’s Summer 2019 – Don’t let your child’s time go to waste! Use it to develop their future skills!

Develop your child’s confidence, logical thinking, brain sharpness and creativity. Your young Picasso will have a enriching experience visiting museums, free studio painting and themed mixed media projects, acting and play production.

Open studio (9-12 y.o.) will be exposed to more advanced techniques. It is an easy start up for Mark Twain Bay Academy Middle school test prep, in addition to LaGuardia and Murrow high Schools portfolios. Courses include: painting, drawing, sculpting  mosaics, architecture. This course is not just fun, but also introduces your child to artistic careers, ranging from interior designers to graphic artists.

For 6-8 year olds as an exciting journey to the world of art. Every week you child will have a finished art project taken home, made with his own hands. These projects you can proudly hang on the wall or even wear! From colorful, bright stone paintings to elaborate jewelry made from polymer clay your child will surely have lots of fun in exploring the magic of creation. We use top notch materials: clay, oil and chalk pastel, tempera and watercolor paints.

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