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Our beautiful, peaceful Yoga Studio at Brighton Beach, will strengthen your body, awaken your spirit, and relax your mind.  Yoga has been encouraged for thousands of years as a life philosophy in order to  join  the self with what practitioners call the “Universal  Spirit”, “Cosmic Consciousness” or the “Divine”.

Psychological and clinical studies have strongly suggested that performing yoga includes the  following benefits:

  • Postures strengthen and muscles tone up, and when accomplished in rapid succession, may provide heart conditioning.
  • Meditation and deep breathing is proven to reduce stress, and therefore lowering  blood  pressure and encouraging relaxation.
  • Body and mind awareness may influence one’s self-esteem and overall mood; improving quality of life.

Yoga is surely the fountain of youth, and our professional instructors want to help you maintain the health and purity of your body.  Develop your flexibility and balance.  Re-align and re-connect with meditation.  Escape the stress and complications of everyday life and come practice Yoga in an environment that welcomes participants of all levels.

In addition, breathing and meditation techniques that may be utilized for self-regulation, as a sleep aid, and stress reduction are practiced.

Peaceful Sleep Guaranteed!  

Work with your mind, strengthen your body, feel good about yourself,  and  you will see how your family , friends  and colleagues will be happier beside  you ! 

Practice with us  and it will change your life! 


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