Age 6-12

 For Kids Ages 6-12 we are offering wide range of programs :Art_10_w

Art Studio:

Our professional artists training children to create there  own colors and use them to express yourself in Painting, Drawing, Sculpture. Exploring Art with Virtual Tours of the World’s Great Museums & Galleries.

As a  part our enrichment and supplemental educational program we are offering Homework Coaching.This program is available Mon – Fri from 3 pm to 7 pm and Sat from 10 am to 1 pm .

When you taking 50 hours per month Home Work Coaching  / $10 per hour/ You getting 10% discount for all other regular classes and workshops (Chess, Lego Workshops, Drama, Art, , Sculpturing, Judo, Creative Writing, Russian, ) Classes should be age and skill appropriate. Private tutoring and tests preparation not included but could be done by special arrangements.


All Programs: Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary Building, Drama workshops, Russian language and literature, Singing Lesson and Modern Dance will strive to nurture of your child’s dramatic talents and creative expression. We also believe that it is imperative to begin his or her training at a young age; this will prove advantageous for years to come.

Please check our current Schedule &  call in advance to sign for trial class

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