Mommy & Me 1-2 y.o.

Mommy & Me classes for 1 – 2.5 year old kids are the first educational step in your child’s life. The earlier you introduce your child to the endless world of knowledge and start to build up learning skills, the quicker you will see milestones in their natural development.

Our class (45 minutes) is divided in four parts, which allows us to keep the child’s attention during the entire class and extend their attention span.

  • Part 1: Sensory play and fine motor skill activities (puzzles, blocks, construction, etc.) 
  • Part 2: Active movement with obstacle courses, balls, tunnels, stepping stones to stimulate strength, coordination and reaction.
  • Part 3: Art – Getting messy with paint, glue, play dough, natural materials. It helps children improve their fine motor skills, learn colors and simple cause & effect relationships.
  • Part 4: Rhythm & Music. Having fun by playing simple musical instruments such as maracas, shakers, tambourines, and wrist bells. Learning movements with Nursery Rhymes  like “The wheels on the bus, “Baby  Shark” etc. 

We cannot wait to see you and have a great time together!!! 

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