College Advising

Attention High School Graduates 2024!

You made it through another year of High School. We know it wasn’t easy and all you want to do is kick back and relax. 

With all of this time, you are already thinking about the big questions: “What do I want to do?” “What major should I pick?” “Where should I go to college?”

These are not easy questions. And they become even harder when you try to tackle them alone, without talking to people who know the process and can help you through it.

We are here for you. At Brighton Kids Club we are launching our College Advisory program. With our flexible schedule and in-person and remote options, we will be helping to guide your way through the complicated steps of the College App process. Your new College Coaches are students from the best Top 50 and Ivy League colleges, with majors ranging across many academic fields. We have the people who know the process inside out and have succeeded in it developing a new personalized approach for every one of you.

With many colleges going Test optional and GPA optional, the application and essays now carry more weight than ever. The Admission Offices want to see you as a person, and that is hard to put down on paper in the space of a six hundred word essay.

A good application isn’t made overnight. It takes time and thought. You don’t want to be the person scrambling to write their supplemental essays in December. That’s why we are going to be with you through the whole summer, making sure you and your personality shine through.

It’s a hard process, but we will make it as fun as possible with you. Start early with us and achieve greatness. 

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