Brain Train 2-3 y.o.

The Brain train program is created for 2-3 years old and focused on logical development and memory training.

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This 60 minutes class contains the following parts:

  • The first part is active sport games. Sports plays a big role in child’s physical and emotional conditions. Playing in a group teaches kids how to be a team member, cooperation, coordination and reaction.
  • The second part is increasing the attention span of the child, enabling them to listen & respond to a teacher during 15-20 minutes period.

This program is an introduction to numbers, counting, shapes and main logical groups of objects, which are starting to develop abstract thinking and help children develop strong problem solving skills and exercise their intellectual development.

  • The third part is a creative art project, aimed to develop the child’s imagination, brain-hand connection and exploration to a wide variety of materials, techniques, and methods.
  • The fourth part is musical. Children learn to listen to music, sing, dance and play musical instruments. Kids are moving, grooving, and feeling the beat, discover the potential and sensitivity in music and audio, study the initial musical concept

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