2020 Virtual Camp

Virtual Summer Camp is a new program for staying home kids : 7-12 years! 

We are giving our courses for free in May, to support our community due to COVID-19 tough time. 

Check our  Online Programs for 1-4 years old and Chess for beginners 

Virtual camp

Do you want your kids to have fun during the summer, learn new skills, and be busy every day, but have a flexible time schedule and combine it with their own activities – stay with us!

 Because of  our tough time of quarantine, we are starting to create our online courses and activities, but taking to consideration that kids are already suffering loneliness by being separated from their peers, we created a blend of online courses, seminars, web sessions and off screen curriculum, and are offering kids to socialize, share their opinion, learn to discuss, to compete, and win the prize! After the school year ends, your kids won’t be busy with lessons and homework, sometimes you will need to take a break from constantly supervising what they are doing or watching. Of course we will need your help with buying some art and craft materials and cooking ingredients, helping with electric and heating devices, but it’s worth it! Finally, at some point they will be able to do this independently! Also the online model has a very special positive aspect: your kid could do it at any place, just one condition is applied: to have internet access!   During this summer your kid will make friends living in different places nationwide and maybe World Wide! Art

We can’t wait to meet your child at our video sessions and go together though adventures.

During  Summertime we will have 4 sessions July 6-August 28, 2 weeks each one Mon-Fridays from 9 am meeting time and about 6+hours per day activities ( art, cooking, sculpture, chess, discussions club, scramble book writing and competitions!) . 

Our program will teleport kids to Ancient Egypt, Adventures in art and Music, Ancient Greece and Be a Wizard experience. 

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