Toddler Classes in Brooklyn

Toddler classes in Brooklyn for child  development from ages 2 to 3.


For the little ones, we strongly believe in an approach that is gentle and nurtured, through means of distribution of time and separation between parents and caregivers. Parents should spend time with their children in the classroom until there child feels comfortable working independently in groups, to socialize and interact  with other kids in a learning environment.

For children to develop social skills  and logical thinking, learn colors, shapes, numbers, letters in the Russian language.  We are implementing: Montessori methods to develop mo Children will memorize poetry, sing songs and dance together. We will create art projects with toddlers, painting , working with Play Dough. Visit our unique educational and recreational activity center for kids and adults in Brooklyn, Brighton Beach area.

Please refer to our current schedule and call to reserve space for trial class


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