Pre-K Alternative

Pre-K alternative 2 hours program for 3-4 y.o as G&T readiness !

Mondays , Tuesdays and Fridays  from 10 am to 12.

If you are thinking about your child’s future, than you need to prepare them for G&T test for K and 1st grade. Later on, because the number of classes for these programs are very limited, it is almost impossible to be accepted  even with a score of 99%.  We recommend  starting educational classes from the age of 1-2 .  Our Mommy & Me classes start with educational development and readiness for G&T test and school requirements.


Our  Two hours Programs for Kids born in 2009-2010 as a Pre-K alternative. We created unique program in our area, as no one else could provide :  combination of professional staff ,educational  materials and beautiful new facility with Gym, Art studio and Tutoring center.

This bilingual program / Russian and English / for general development: Math, Logic, Memory  and  Attention training, Speech and fine motor skills development, Art and Music literacy , abstract thinking . We are putting base for preparation for Gifted and Talented test conceptions. / G&T test preparation is a separate class, but children have to gain knowledge gradually to be really prepared./

We are braking traditional way of just memorization of facts which are usually lost in short time after passing the test, but concentrating on personal development and individual  interest of each child and  present  information  the way, it will be interesting to kid. We have small groups, where each kid getting individual attention and has a choice to express there point of view. You should hear this discussions between out 4-6 year olds  for example : about  planets and universe  during our Art class!

In public schools, the kindergarten standard has shocked parents. Poems have been assigned for critical analysis when the curriculum has barely taught them to read. Entering 1rst graders are expected to read at a fluent level. Our programs can help children prepare for the increasing challenges of school and pre-school. We teach children English fluency so that they not only read but can makes inferences on harder level readings. We understand that a child must not only learn from textbooks but also gain the skills necessary in order to think critically on their own.

Our classes on Mondays , Tuesdays and Fridays  from 10 am to 12.

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