Kids Ages 1-5


Classes for Babies and Toddlers (1-5 y.o.) are step by step enrichment programs divided by :

Mommy & Me Classes for 1-2 Year Olds

Development freedom and independence but following instruction in all activities: sport, art, music – all in a form of a game. With a warm “homey” environment, small group toddlers that are learning to deal with other children and follow our teachers’  instructions.

We are using gentle Montessori Methods to develop live skills and knowledge without strict and direct  orders, while using logic, imagination and uniquely formulated learning materials. Even the most boring materials such as a multiplication table could be memorized in different ways. We play together, without the use of standard toys. All of our materials in our center are for special skills development. 

  Brain Train classes for 2-3 y.o. and 3-5 y.o.ART_2

Our Classes included:

  • Music appreciation, introduction to musical instruments, singing together
  • Finger painting, play dough and special toys to develop fine motor skills
  • My First Letters, Numbers, & Shapes
  • Reading Books and answering questions
  • Logical thinking and Imagination development

Main Scheme of Our Lessons to Teach Our Youngest:

Learn to Play – Play to Learn

* Please note: Our Classes for Toddlers are performed in Russian.

Schedule of Classes

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*24 hours cancellation policy* Schedule is subject to be changed.

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