Art & Science fair

October 6th, Brighton Kids Club is inviting Middle and High school students to join us for Art & Science fair.

10 am: In collaboration with Sikorsky Tech Club we will have presentation for new STEM course, which include, but not limited to: advance Math& IT concepts, computer science, coding, engineering and most importantly, structure, logic and algorithms of programming languages such as C++ or Java. This knowledge will take kids to the different level of understanding problem, way to solve it, and beauty of Math as a unique tool. Want to get an upper hand in AP Comp. Sci.? Learn skills that are equal to the first semester at Harvard? This is perfect opportunity!

1 pm The second part of the day will be devoted to visual Art .For those, who is preparing kids  to go to Laguardia / Morrow high schools, Pratt /FIT  for future Art related career – broad your portfolio with unique artworks. Our kids will demonstrate their own  books, that they created  and illustrated  during previous  art project  : “Book of my Dream”. A new  project we will be introduced and discussed.  Shhhh…. its a Surprise!     Come & join us for discussion!

Pizza and refreshments will be provided between the two parts.

$ 15 per kid

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